How do I choose an artist to do my tattoo?

Have a look at our Artist page or Recent Work to see if there is a style that would be appropriate for your idea, you can then contact the artist directly by sending them an email.

How do I contact the Tattoo Artist I like?

Email addresses are located on the Artist page.

What if I don’t know which artist to contact?

You can send an email to the studio at thecrowquill@gmail.com with your ideas and references images, we can then point you in the direction of the artist most suited for your tattoo.

I emailed you a while ago, why haven’t I received a reply yet?

Our artists received a huge amount of enquiries, they work 8 hours a day tattooing and then spend their evenings preparing designs for customers. We appreciate it can be frustrating to wait but your patience is hugely appreciated in this matter, also sending a follow-up email with “??????” will probably send your email to the back of the priority queue. If you are limited for time or need a speedy response the best thing to do is to come into the studio and talk to the artist directly.

How much will my tattoo cost? How long will it take?

All of our artists work at different speeds and charge different rates. To get an idea of the time and cost involved the Artist will need the following information from you: your idea (include reference images if possible), how big you want it (specific sizes please, ‘medium sized’ is not sufficient) and whereabouts on your body you would like to get it tattooed. It will save us a lot of correspondence time if you give us this information at the beginning of your enquiry.

Can I see a design beforehand?

Our Artists are booked up several months in advance and prepare designs close to the time of the booking. You can ask the artist if they are happy to send you a design beforehand but please be aware that this is likely to be the week leading up to your appointment.

Are there any designs that I can choose from?

Some of our artists have books full of designs that are available as one-off tattoos. To browse through these designs please come into the Studio and have a look, alternatively if you had a rough idea in mind let us know and we can send you across any appropriate pieces from the various folders.

I’ve printed this design off the internet. Will you tattoo it?

By all means use the internet to help show us the type of style you would like for your tattoo. We will not however copy designs produced by someone else (unless we have evidence of their consent). We pride ourselves on being completely custom and will happily use our skills and work with you to create something individual and one-off just for you.

I’ve drawn this design myself. Will you tattoo it?

This is not a problem, however please appreciate that some designs will need altering to be made suitable for a tattoo. This may include enlarging, simplifying etc. to ensure the tattoo holds up well over time as the skin ages.

How do I secure an appointment?

Once you have discussed your design with your Artist you can then move on to arranging a date for your appointment. This can all be done via email but a deposit is necessary to secure any appointment. Without a deposit your booking will not be secure and that time and date may be offered to someone else. The deposit amount will depend on the artist and the time required to complete your tattoo.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Providing you give the Artist adequate notice (48 hours is the very minimum) your deposit can be transferred to an alternative date or converted into a gift voucher. If you give us less notice or give us no notice at all then you will be required to pay another deposit to book an appointment. Deposits will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Artist.


Where are you located?

Our address is 63 Bedford Place, Southampton, SO15 2DS.

We are located opposite a long stay and a short stay carpark.

What should I wear? 

Please wear something comfortable that also allows us to easily reach the area that will be tattooed. We advise against wearing anything expensive as there is the possibility that you may get ink on your clothing.

What if I am running late?

Please let us know if you are going to be late, we are generally quite understanding. In some cases if you are running more than 30+ minutes late your appointment may have to be rescheduled, in this case you will be required to pay another deposit.

Can I take any painkillers?

Please do not take any blood-thinning painkillers before your appointment as this interferes with the procedure. Ibuprofen is recommended as it does not affect your blood and also helps reduce swelling. It is wise to let us know if you have taken any medication beforehand, this will be discussed between yourself and the Artist when you arrive at the studio for your appointment.

Can I use a numbing cream?

We advise against using numbing cream as it affects the skin in a way that will compromise both the application and healing of your tattoo.

Can I bring food or drink?

It is wise to bring some sugary drinks or snacks, please do not bring hot food. For longer tattoo appointments both the client and the Artist will have a break for food and drink to keep energy levels up.

Can I bring friends?

If you would like some company or support during your appointment it is normally not a problem to bring one friend, however depending on the other Artists and customers in the studio this may not be possible. Any more than one extra person leads to the studio becoming crowded which is both distracting for the client and the Artist. We do have comfortable reception areas for friends and family members to wait.

Will it hurt?

Tattoos are images produced by needles depositing small amounts of ink under the skin. They do hurt however it can be very manageable, do not underestimate the power of your body to cope with pain. Nearly all of our first-time customers remark how it is not as painful as they were expecting. The key things are not to worry about it too much, make sure you eat a good meal beforehand and definitely don’t ask Google if it will hurt.

Will I pass out?

On rare occasions people can become very lightheaded or faint during tattoos. The reason for this is not related to pain, it is to do with adrenaline and your blood sugar level. Getting a tattoo can be quite an intense experience – especially if it is your first time and you do not know what to expect. Your adrenaline will surge which will be met with a huge drop in your blood sugar levels and if you have not eaten this can lead to dizziness and even fainting. The best way to prevent this is to make sure you have a good meal before your tattoo and bring along some sugary drinks and snacks with you to keep your sugar levels high.

What sterilisation procedures are in place?

We are a fully licensed Tattoo Studio and have been inspected by both the local Council and Environmental health. All the materials that come into contact with bodily fluids (needles, plastic coverings, handheld grips etc.) are all one-use and are disposed of after your tattoo. If you want further information regarding our procedures please email us or discuss them with your Artist on the day of your appointment.


Will you wrap the tattoo once it’s finished?

We will cover the tattoo in a protective layer so you can wear clothes over it.

How should I care for my new tattoo?

On completion of your tattoo we will tell you the best way to look after it, we will also give you a leaflet explaining the key points of aftercare along with Do’s and Don’t’s.

Do you recommend any specific aftercare?

We recommend After Inked which is a petroleum free, vegan aftercare lotion that is not tested on animals. It is what we used ourselves and the feedback we have received from this product has been fantastic. It is available to buy in the Studio.

How long will it take to heal?

The healing time will vary based on different factors including your immune system, the type of tattoo it is, the location and how well you look after it. Smaller, simpler tattoos will heal faster than larger areas of built up shading as they are less traumatic to the skin. Generally your tattoo will be healed within 2 weeks providing you follow the aftercare instructions.

Can I go swimming or have a sunbed?

We recommend staying away from these activities until your tattoo is fully healed, i.e. 2 weeks. Even though the top layer of skin may look healed your body will still be healing the deeper layers of skin, swimming or tanning can damage your skin when it is in this delicate state.

Should I look after my tattoo in the sun, even when it’s healed?

Your healed tattoo is essentially ink surrounded by collagen. The suns rays break up collagen and over time will cause your tattoo to look blurry around the edges as the ink spreads beneath the skin. Factor 50 suncream lotion will ensure that the collagen surrounding your tattoo stays intact and your tattoo looks the best it can for years to come.

What if some of the tattoo needs touching up once it’s healed?

If you require a touchup on your tattoo for a design related reason then it will be done by the original Artist free of charge. If however you require a touchup because you have not looked after the tattoo correctly then you will be charged the shop minimum of £50.

If you have a question not listed here please get in touch by emailing thecrowquill@gmail.com

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