Piercings by Kitty Kotori


Kitty is our resident Body Modification Artist.

Kitty has been piercing for over 5 years and offers a wide range of hygienically and professionally executed body piercings. The services offered include basic piercings, advanced surface piercings, micro dermals and large gauge piercings.

All piercings are performed using single-use pre-sterilised needles and ASTM-F136 implant grade internally threaded titanium. All jewellery and tools are from pre-sterilised packaging and will only be opened prior to use. Full aftercare advice and ongoing recommendations for care throughout the healing process will be offered.

You can keep up to date with Kitty’s work by following her Facebook Page and Instagram.

For further information regarding body modifcation you can contact Kitty directly be emailing her at kittykotori@hotmail.com